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May 2015

The Foodie Magazine May 2015

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Release Date: 18 May 2015.


Saturdays were always grill days at our household. I was charge with prepping the veggies and starting the grill. Definitely we would have grilled liempo, pork belly, marinated in salt and pepper, kalamansi and some Sprite! Placed on the hot grill, I loved the smell of the fat rendering over the hot charcoal. Sometimes we would have grilled milkfish, the monger would carefully slice the backs of the fish to create a cavity, in it went chopped tomatoes and onions, some salt and kalamansi. These would be wrapped in foil and put on the grill. Another must have would be the dipping sauces: white vinegar with lots of garlic and a dash of salt for the pork and soy sauce with more kalamansi for the fish. All these eaten with piping hot steamed rice. Just writing this now (at 1am) is making me salivate uncontrollably.

Language : English
Country : Indonesia
Publisher : Venture
Page Count : 100
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