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Release Date: 01 May 2014.


Food is funny at times, well, maybe it’s more appropriate to say that people are funny. I don’t remember the exact time when I started liking a particular food, unless it was a recent discovery, but I remember when the exact time I chose not to like a dish, liver steak to be exact (but that is another story). The thing about food and people is that there will ALWAYS be a story behind it.

A love story begins with a “meet-cute” or a magical moment of how two people meet, through serendipity, hateful encounters or awkward setups like online dating, then from there a relationship develops and blossoms. So it is with our stories with food.

Seafood however, is probably the only food group I know that I grew up hating and loving at the same time.

My mom always categorized me as a “lazy eater”. I disliked digging through crab claws because I got a small cut in my finger, but I love crab-fried rice. I hated peeling shrimps or prawns because of the mess, but I love it in dishes when it is served peeled already like thermidor and, yes, you guessed it, shrimp fried rice. I hate combing through fish meat for bones because there was a time when a bone got stuck in my throat for days, but I love the fish fillets or types of fish with very few bones. You get the picture.

Of course, as I got older, the need to impress dates who loved seafood forced me to evolve from a bratty, picky and lazy eater to the messy, finger-licking, sauce-dipping eater of seafood.

I use “eater” because I still would not consider myself a lover of seafood. Meaning if there was a chicken wing next to a seafood dish, I will most definitely pick the drumstick. The ironic part is that, if I look at a menu and see Bouillabaisse or tuna salad vs a Wagyu steak or roasted chicken, the fish would win. Don’t ask me to explain why, I don’t even understand it myself.

From the “meet-cute” to what it is today, I can consider myself to be married to seafood for this reason… I love it even when I hate it. If you’re married you’ll know what I mean.

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