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March 2014

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Release Date: 01 March 2014.

We dedicate this issue to the divine bovine and have christened it our Where’s The Beef issue!

In this Issue:

Afit and Lucy at Holycow! Steakhouse - Their mission is to provide great quality steaks at an affordable price.

The mother and daughter tandem of Arimbi and Indita Probosutedjo shares the different primal cuts of beef.

We found the illusive former presidential chef, Sukijo. Surprisingly enough, he runs a steak house now. Read our article on him as he goes down memory lane and shares with us his wonderful experiences serving five Indonesian presidents.

Also we caught up with Jeff Bell, head bartender at New York’s famous Please Don’t Tell (PDT) speakeasy. Jeff tells all about himself, PDT and even shares with us the recipe of his award-winning Lion’s Den cocktail.

In this month’s Tried and Tipsied section, we feature Potato Head Garage’s Rhys Wilson as he imparts three terrific cocktails, which goes very well with steaks.

Check out the winners of our first TTMYGY photo contest!

Lastly, as always, the issue is peppered with a number of very easy and interesting recipes from our chef friends and even our publisher.

That’s enough typing, talking about all these beef has gotten me hungry. I am gonna grab me a steak!

Language : English
Country : Indonesia
Publisher : Venture
Page Count : 92
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