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Release Date: 01 January 2014.

I’ve never been one to make grandiose New Year’s resolutions. I never liked it and I’ve always had a hard time fulfilling it.

But, there are a few things that I realized when we started the Foodie Magazine, one of them is that the word “Foodie” can actually be something that has a negative meaning. The bad kind is the Foodie that thinks himself or herself better than everyone else and believes that his palate is the God’s gift to the culinary world. They are pretentious and come across as a “know it all”.

So here are two sets of list that I have done in the spirit of helping the Foodie community and myself be better in 2014. Hope this inspires some you because we’d love to hear from you also.


• Host More Dinner Parties. Whether at home or in a restaurant, eating together with people you know or want to know is always a good thing.

• Take a Cooking Class. Online or an actual class or when traveling or even when I visit my mom.

• Use those Cook Books. I got shelf full of them and they need to be more than just collecting dust.

• Waste Less. Eat or use what you buy.

• Plan my meals. Before I go to the grocery, I should only buy things for the week and then stick with the plan of what I want to cook.


• I won’t Instagram every single thing I eat. Great to eat sometimes does not mean great to see.

• I won’t ask the waiter a thousand questions I already know the answer to, and grill him on his responses.

• I won’t judge my friends for asking for sambal at a French Restaurant.

• I won’t needlessly try to pronounce foods in other accents.

• I won’t brag about all the cronuts I’ve eaten and then tell everyone how mediocre they are.

2014 is going to be a great year.

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