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December 2013

The Foodie Magazine December 2013

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Release Date: 01 December 2013.

A Taste of Home

I would want to believe that my passion for food was ignited at home. Growing up, I was well fed. I simply loved my Mom’s home cooking. We also ate out a lot, my parents would always take us to new restaurants every Sunday after church, and I think that helped me become more adventurous with food. If I am not mistaken, I was wielding chopsticks to eat at Japanese restaurants at the age of 3. Even as I discovered new dishes and honed my palate, Mom’s home cooking always still hit the spot. For many of us, some of our best food memories were made at home. Hence our choice for our first issue’s theme. In this issue, we celebrate home cooking, the memories, successes, camaraderie and emotions.

We not only want you to be inspired by our articles, we also want you to try out the recipes that we share. We encourage you to cook at home, some recipes are harder than others, but we are sure, given some motivation, friends and family would gladly volunteer to be your guinea pigs. In the end, it is still free food, right? So give it a shot!

And as Christmas approaches, we would be remiss if we do not share with you some of our favorites to brighten up your celebrations as food and drink are always an integral part of any festivity.

We hope your Holidays are bright and full of fun! Don’t forget that as we gather together, the meals we partake of serve as colorful backdrop for rekindling friendships, merry-making withloved ones and creating new memories.

Happy Holidays and Happy Eating!

Language : English
Country : Indonesia
Publisher : Venture
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