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ED 508 November 2019

The Beat Magazine ED 508 November 2019

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Release Date: 28 November 2019.

Christmas and New Year’s is fast approaching. Another year

and decade has passed as fast as you can say 2010, ohh

right, now it’s 2020! Where did that decade go? Meanwhile,

this year we are going to run the New Year’s Eve party

details from this edition forward and build them as we go

over the next two editions before we get to NYE 2020. You

can also check the full and updated list online.

Now we are officially in the quiet end of the season. Did I

say quiet? Damn, it’s really quiet. I can’t recall the island

being so quiet in the past 20 years. Or is that just my

imagination? Write in the comments box your opinion on

the matter. But of course there is no comment box, this is

print media, that archaic form of communication where

everything is stuck on the paper and a conversation all

rather one-sided. Somehow we are still here, sometimes

I wonder how, but I believe we still do serve a purpose.

Maybe in the future we will only be online, but hopefully

we will still have a say about what’s going on around us,

which is the fun and right of journalism. Not just posting

flyers and facts, which seems to be the social media future.

Why I mention this is that the beat still does have a voice

and checking Google for example the beat comes up near

the top for just about every search on entertainment

and events in Bali etc. I suppose it should after 20 years,

even after all these communication changes we have

experienced, especially over the past decade have taken

their toll, but it is gratifying that the new masters of the

universe do acknowledge the part we play, too.

Next edition we are closing in on the festive season. It will

be busier then.

Language : English
Country : Indonesia
Publisher : Kubu Dua Media
Page Count : 106
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