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ED 498 July 2019

The Beat Magazine ED 498 July 2019

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Release Date: 12 July 2019.

Here we are in the middle of July and we are getting ready

to rock the high season again. I suppose you could say it

kicks off this weekend or maybe next, but one thing is for

sure, we will be looking forward to seeing some more people

around the traps in the near future. Let’s hope so anyway.

Next week we see the end of a clubbing institution in

Seminyak. Jenja will be closing its doors and I’m not

sure what that really means for the Bali nightlife. Does it

mean that people don’t want to get dressed up anymore,

they would prefer to be running about in boardshorts and

flipflops? Does it ring in the end of stylish clubbing? Or does

it mean the end of the underground and underground music?

Since Deejays and Pyramid have also closed recently one

can wonder about that but maybe it’s just the consequence

of the ever expanding playing field of nightlife now on the

island. It’s so spread out the whole ball game is changing or

already changed. There is so much on offer now you don’t

really need to go far from home for anything and nobody

does. Anyway, it’s a shame to see Jenja go, we had some

great times there and plenty of memories are held within

those bunker walls. Thanks for the good times, here cheers

to Jenja and catch you next week!

Language : English
Country : Indonesia
Publisher : Kubu Dua Media
Page Count : 106
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