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ED 487 February 2019

The Beat Magazine ED 487 February 2019

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Release Date: 08 February 2019.

Yes, we are in the depths of the low season and there is no denying it is rather quiet, but not to worry, it will be soon back to über busy before you know it. It’s enjoyable being able to get around town with the minimum of fuss, though, sometimes even driving around Seminyak withouthaving to stop at the traffic lights as the traffic jams are now almost non-existent. There is always a silver coating. I’ve been enjoying the afternoon rains lately too. As long as your roof isn’t leaking, I also really do enjoy a rainy wet season. But even with the rain and the low season we still see some amazing acts coming our way and this period is no exception.

The return of Jeffrey Sutorious aka Dash Berlin is an interesting show at Sky Garden this weekend. He had a major fallout with his partners over the Dash Berlin name and was burnt out after relentless years of touring, and all this just after the last show he played at The Dome on NYE 2018. It apparently has been year of litigation, accusations and counter-accusations since then and only in the past couple of months the situation has been resolved. I know a lot of people in Bali have a great affection for Sutorius or Dash, however you want to call him, and it will be an interesting show this Saturday. I want to mention another show of interest at LXXY next Tuesday. Superman is Dead, with JRX, who does more than just about anyone on this island to keep it on the right path will be playing live. Should be an interesting gig. Other big shows are on too, and you know where to find them, right inside this magazine or online, or our Instagram page @thebeat.bali. Have a good couple of weeks, friends, talk to you soon somewhere around the traps and venues of the Bali nightlife.

Language : English
Country : Indonesia
Publisher : Kubu Dua Media
Page Count : 106
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