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SOUTHERN Living Magazine September 2017

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Release Date: 18 September 2017.

I can’t remember the last time I was truly happy, but I’m sure it was when I was creating with my hands without care or constriction. In a moment of productive ecstasy, I watched my fingers grasp my pen and direct it to create arches and lines, inventing and destroying, leaving behind undulating waves of ink, and vandalizing the vast blank space that lay ahead of it.

Imagination sets the mind free from the constrictions of reality; the stories we create for ourselves make life bearable. And for those who champion the artistry of creation and have tasted its momentum, it can be difficult to come to a halt. In this issue, aptly themed “narrative thread,” we go back to designer Joey Samson’s roots and unearth his reasons for his continuous creation. We’ve asked an expert to tackle environmentalism as a new fad we hope will stay for good, peeked into an alternative means to feed an ever-growing world, revealed a young vegan’s struggle with the proprietors of the cause, wore rubber sandals because it felt right, and even stepped into a goddess-inspired joint whose menu today could be totally different tomorrow.

Language : English
Country : Philippines
Publisher : Hinge Inquirer Publications
Page Count : 32
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