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NORTHERN Living Magazine June 2017

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Release Date: 14 June 2017.

After years of merely passing by the faded pink façade of this glorious building from the safe distance of the train, the opportunity was finally ripe for us to explore its inner workings. Eighty-five years of being overlooked, the iconic Manila Metropolitan Theater is finally getting the retrofitting it deserves. In this issue, we delve into “freedom” as a theme and go straight into the Met’s womb, discovering more as each layer of paint is peeled off. As Independence Day approaches, the theater that has seen the brightest days of local stars, witnessed the grandest of productions, and even withstood the Second World War’s cruel shelling stands as a symbol of authentic Filipino resilience.

From its throne, the Met watched Manila fade from its former glory as the Paris of the Orient to becoming a war zone and subsequently succumb to urban decay. However, it’s also a story of hope: as it embarks on a major restoration project, the theater captures the imagination of a younger generation, most of whom were not even born yet during its heyday. With this revival comes a tinge of infectious optimism; having seen its insides, we confess that we’ve fallen in love with the structure. As for its stories, we hope that we’ve added another voice to its romantic narrative.

We also explore more narratives in this issue, including the fantasy ones we create for ourselves. While reality may keep us bound to our earth suits during the day, our creative freedom lets us brandish our fiction suits by night.

Language : English
Country : Philippines
Publisher : Hinge Inquirer Publications
Page Count : 32
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