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10 Years of Indonesia Design

INDONESIA Design Anniversary Magazine 10 Years Of Indonesia Design

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Release Date: 01 August 2013.

As we look back at the last eventful decade, we remember 10 years full of:

• Irrevocable stress as we tried to compile everything before the deadlines.

• The laughter and relief that comes right after we met our deadlines.

• The building of relationships with new acquaintances within the industry.

• Organizing and attending functions, parties and other events (and all the good food and beverages that have been enjoyed as a result.)

• Staying at resorts with breathtaking views and five star service levels.

• Discovering new, beautiful designs that inspire our readers.

We have also been blessed by being respected, recognized and entrusted with exclusive first time features by influential developers, architects and businesses in Indonesia and from abroad. In this very issue we are the first media to have the privilege to feature Bank Indonesia’s office complex.

As a design magazine, presenting the best designs available in the most innovative and informative fashion is our goal. If there is one thing the last decade is undeniable proof of, it is exactly this, and our aim remains the same as we continue on this journey into the future...

We would like to thank all of our loyal readers, our kind advertisers, our dedicated editorial team and each and every developer, designer, architect and contributor whom we have had the honor to feature in Indonesia Design. Our new logo represents the new energy we have for the future as we draw inspiration from the past 10 years of publication. In our industry the continual focus is on what’s NEW, but with this edition we celebrate being ten years OLD, and we share this achievement with YOU.

Language : Indonesian
Country : Indonesia
Publisher : TDP
Page Count : 254
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