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Release Date: 15 February 2016.

Using ‘upcycled’ and ‘reused’ as defining keywords, the decor of the new Social in Delhi highlights its bare-bones character with élan. Conceptualised to play a double role of a collaborative workspace during the day and a hip hangout at night, this trendy hotspot hits the mark with its unapologetic and quirky design details. At Social, the Impresario Hospitality team boldly re-imagines toilet paper rolls as hand wipes, hospital beds as tables and menus that are made to look like a tabloid. Here, scraps of metal and wood are repurposed to become kitschy furniture pieces, light fixtures and other functional necessities. The Social is the anti-thesis of a fine dining experience - it’s grungy and self-effacing, making it a groovy place to wind down during the day or night.

Sri Lankan architect Chinthaka Wickramage refurbishes part of an ancestral home keeping in sight core attributes of form, light and colour. Fusing the past and the present, he is mindful of traditions and is yet not straight-jacketed by them. The refurbishment of this home is cleverly executed using a frugal material palette with an emphasis on flowing spaces and clean lines. This home stays true to the fundamentals of blurring the boundaries between the inside and out, allowing for plenty of natural air and light, being low on maintenance and most importantly being a welcoming refuge for its occupants.

The young design studio Naksh Atelier makes their debut in this issue of Home Review with a contemporary styled apartment in Ahmedabad. They combine raw industrial finishes with refined and sophisticated touches that contrast and complement each other. Aiming for a seamless and uncluttered design program they stitch together a space with a distinct character that delights the owners and wonderfully showcases the creative aptitude of this firm.

Language : English
Country : India
Publisher : Marvel Infomedia Pvt Ltd
Page Count : 140
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