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Release Date: 06 June 2017.

In the months of May and June, you’ll begin to notice strange shapes floating amongst Bali’s skies – these are kites, and traditionally here in Bali, kites hold much religious and cultural significance. It is believed that even the Hindu God Indra used to amuse himself flying kites when he isn’t busy handling Godly matters. Another source stated that kites are farmers’ symbols of thanks to the Gods for good weather and great harvest. Yet another said that kites are symbols of village pride and unity and contains colours that represent a Banjar and also Balinese symbolism.

Whatever the reason, these kites are beautiful to look at as they add a little bit more delight to the already breathtaking Balinese landscape, especially in the summer months. While the past few months have been quite surprising with unexpected rains, the weather seemed to have steadied itself of late and we look forward to warm, windy days under clear blue skies. To help you enjoy your holiday here in Bali, we’ve found the latest and greatest deals that are taking place in the month of June – look for them under our Hot Deals pages. For everything fresh and new, take a peek at our What’s New pages. Every month we list 9 of the island’s most exciting new launches, openings and announcements so that you can stay up to date and informed. Then all of the winners can be found in our Bali Best Awards pages; important so you’ll know to consider the crème-de-la-crème in your next Bali holiday.

Our Reviews are tried and tested personal recommendations that we ourselves have experienced before they reach you in a summary of words so you’ll know what to expect when you plan your up-and-coming getaway, from accommodations to flights, restaurants, beach clubs, villas and secret hideaways. All of these and more are available on our website at Extra coverage is also posted on our site daily for your reading pleasure including blog posts, newsletters and product listings. While you’re at it, feel free to download a digital copy of our magazine and subscribe to our daily newsletters!

In this age of snap-and-share, you could easily find us on all major Social Media platforms. Do follow us on Facebook (Baliplus Magazine) and Instagram (@baliplus), tag us or send us messages with your favourite Bali photo and stories, and we might just share them on our feed. If you have any questions on Bali, or would like to read more on any particular Bali-related topic, just let us know! Until next time, Om- Swastiastu and welcome to Bali!

Language : English
Country : Indonesia
Publisher : Trijaya Dewata
Page Count : 136
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