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Release Date: 20 January 2017.

If you type “2017” in Google a few days away from the brand new year, you’ll get a plethora of results in a matter of seconds from predictions, marketing strategies, fashion and health food recipes to new movie releases, oil prices, elections and investment watch but mostly, you’ll see many results quoting New Year resolutions. We’ve been told since a tender age that New Year’s is supposed to be about turning over a new leaf, it’s always about improvements and achievements, a chance to do things differently, with more attention to purpose for the improvement of the self.

But this can be challenging for many of us; to return from a long holiday straight into hectic and strenuous schedules and to live up to society’s expectations. What more in today’s day and age when everyone is expected to keep up with the world in real time via our smartphones - and not a second less for fear of being “outdated”. The world today is becoming more and more cluttered, hectic and consumed, so we’d like to dedicate our first issue in the brand new year entirely to relaxation. So take a deep breath, relax and just enjoy the present moment. To help you do just that, we would like to turn your attention away from resolutions to everything exciting and new that’s taking place in Bali this month in our What’s New section. The newest and hottest deals can be found in the Hot Deal’s section, and for party-goers, take a look at our Party Agenda pages before checking out all the winners this month in Bali Best Awards. Our Reviews this month are personal recommendations especially for those who are looking for a fresh, new start. Alaya Resort Ubud, the popular and very much loved boutique hotel set in the midst of rice fields invites you to dine at its recently opened Manisan Restaurant, a home of flavours and to rejuvenate in its newly opened New Wing. Imagine waking up there! Club Bali Family Suites @ Legian Beach holds traditional Balinese cooking classes for its guests in its 3-bedroom suite that comes with a kitchen and a dining area complete with ingredients fresh from the garden and explanations on cooking methods and applications. What an experience! Then escape onto a Safari Journey through India, Africa and Indonesia with Bali Safari and Marine Park before indulging in a variety of assorted organic meats, poultry and seafood at Nikuya Meat Shop and Sakanaya by Ryoshi for healthy and delicious meals. Then let Express Group, the largest taxi service provider in Indonesia take you to your next destination safely and timely.

And after you’ve tried everything we’ve recommended, do let us know! We always love to hear from you. Reach us on Facebook (Baliplus Magazine) and Instagram (@ baliplus). Tag us or send us messages with your favourite Bali photo and stories,and we might just share it on our feed. Meanwhile, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter via our website ( where you’ll find the latest updates, articles and blogs to help you on your visit. Till next time, Om-Swastiastu and welcome to Bali!

Language : English
Country : Indonesia
Publisher : Trijaya Dewata
Page Count : 116
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