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BALI PLUS Magazine February 2016

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Release Date: 26 February 2016.

Bali in February is la vie en rose - life through rose tinted glasses – but that’s not just because Valentine’s Day is near. We love February so much because following all the festivities we had in December, this month comes with its own set of merry-making, and with that comes all the excuses in the world to indulge, indulge and indulge. Think of it as self-love, so go on and treat yourself or share it with the loves of your life.

Love birds and those who are just in love with the idea of love, romance and passion - on Valentine’s Day you’ll get a free pass to go over the top and no one is going to blame you for it! There are so many exciting promotions too, so if you still don’t have any plans yet on where or how you are going to treat yourself or woo your loved one, take a look at our Hot Deals page for some excruciatingly sweet and indulgent packages and ideas. And why stop there? Continue your love story and whisk away into the sunset where everything is romantic, decadent, beautiful and opulent – and we know just the place! If you’re looking to impress your partner with a charming and exotic Safari Under the Stars, a glamourous and luxurious Villa Stay, an exciting Brazilian Martial Arts session or even some unbeatable Japanese Food, then check out our Review pages for some ideas and promotions that are only happening this month.

Our favourite this February though, has to be the Chinese New Year celebrations, if only for the endless spread of sumptuous and delectable Chinese favourites that will sate our taste buds, fill our bellies and warm our souls with everything aromatic, delicious and mouth-watering. This is your chance to fill up on world-class Chinese cuisines that are second-tonone, so flip through our pages and you’ll be guided to a treasure trove of outstanding Asian delights. Also happening this month on our beloved island of Bali are the local Balinese celebrations - Galungan and Kuningan - major Balinese religious festivities that takes place every year around this time.

A few important temples are also having their anniversaries this month, so keep your eyes peeled and check out or Don’t Miss pages for dates. If you’d like to share with us your experience, photos or just give us some comments and feedback, we’d love to hear from you! We’re reachable on our website (, Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter. Till next time, have a great February, Om-Swastiastu and welcome to Bali!

Language : English
Country : Indonesia
Publisher : Trijaya Dewata
Page Count : 122
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