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ED 135 2014

Asian Diver Magazine ED 135 2014

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Release Date: 21 November 2014.

46 – The Secrets of the Oehani Underwater Cave

Catching glimpses of Earth’s inner beauty is a rare privilege. Follow the journey of one intrepid diver who braves the alien underwater landscape of Gua Oehani, a freshwater cave that has only been dived nine times previously, in an attempt to capture the most difficult 30 frames he has ever shot and bring the Earth’s secrets to the surface.

54 - A North Coast Paradise

Enter the elusive world of Timor-Leste’s best-kept secret – the man-made Roda Reef. Approximately 20 tyre structures ranging in depth from 12 to 27 metres house some extraordinary species, from shrimp and glassfish to pygmy pipehorses and even mimic octopuses. Part of the most biodiverse marine ecosystem on the planet, Roda Reef reveals its treasures to none but the most persistent.

28 – Hidden In Plain Sight

Not all secrets are buried out of sight – the Acqua Dive seaside resort in the Philippines is home to a tantalising treasure trove of critters that can be observed and photographed after a simple shore-entry dive. Boasting rare finds like the wonderpus, Zamboanguita Secret promises endless possibilities for discovery.

Language : English
Country : Singapore
Publisher : Asian Geographic Magazines Pte Ltd
Page Count : 100
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