Maret 2017

Jual Majalah THE TRAVELER Maret 2017

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Tanggal rilis: 06 March 2017.

Dear Readers,

It is the third month of the year already, time seems to move so rapidly and we really hope that you still have a moment to stop and cherish the moment in between the transition. Holiday provides a necessary break to regain your energy and refresh your life.

In this edition of Traveler, take a peek to some of our team’s finely taken pictures of Tenganan Village at Beyond section; a place where Balinese ancient culture and tradition are well preserved and implemented to daily life until this very moment.

Then for the culinary section, check out some of the best Sunday Brunch packages available around the island. For refresh, you can enjoy holistic body treatment at Ayur Spa of The Kayana Resort or get close to nature and dip yourself in the pond below GitGit waterfall. As a place to stay during your vacation, we present Sthala Ubud, a new resort in Ubud.

Readers, work is important as you must provide some fortune for your loved ones, but taking a break every once in a while will help to maintain your energy to flow in motion with graceful rhythm and positive vibes.

Have a blessed month ahead!

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