Agustus 2017

Jual Majalah THE TRAVELER Agustus 2017

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Tanggal rilis: 08 August 2017.

Dear Readers,

Let us warmly welcome you to the month of August, a midyear moment of celebration, especially for Indonesia that will celebrate its Independence Day on the 17th.

In this edition, we put together some deliberate list of where-to places and fascinating info during your vacation around the island of Bali. In Beyond section, check out the magnificent shots of the viewtiful Petang village, Kintamani, taken by our dedicated team of photographers. Then, food enthusiast must also open out I-Food section, which contains some of the finest pick of restaurants in Bali, including The View Munduk and the long-established Pawon Pasundan restaurant. For holistic body treatment, we recommend you to visit The Spa at Chedi Tanah Gajah for a pampering journey of complete relaxation.

With every passing month, we encourage you to stop and rest every once in a while, through holiday or just spend your day with your loved ones. Keep each moment as relic of remembrance that you can cherish at any given time to celebrate this life to the fullest.

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