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ED 515 Maret 2020

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Tanggal rilis: 04 March 2020.

It looks like the corona virus and the hysteria created

around is going to reach new levels in the next weeks.

However, let’s not forget that many people do die this time

of year, especially in the northern winter, from all kinds of

illnesses associated with the cold including common colds,

flus and other more serious conditions. Let’s all just keep

in focus the 200 thousand net population growth per day on

the planet (from to keep the numbers

and threat realistic. And yes, everyone keep hygienic and

as healthy as best they can to fight the virus off if it comes

your way – that’s about all you can do until there is a

remedy found.

But meanwhile the party goes on.

This weekend Omnia is on fire with their Big Weekend

line-up including Above & Beyond and Black Coffee, Red

Ruby features David Gtronic and ShiShi has another great

line-up for Friday and Saturday nights. Check inside for all

the details and online for the latest events, updated daily.

Remember to check the beat’s IG account @thebeat.bali for

the latest events too.

Have a good couple of weeks and don’t let the buggers,

doomsdayers and naysayers get ya down… Be strong, keep

fit, we shall get through it once more!

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