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ED 514 Februari 2020

Jual Majalah The Beat ED 514 Februari 2020

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Tanggal rilis: 20 February 2020.

While local press outlets continue their corona virus

scaremongering (while it is already well known that people

are more likely to recover from the flu than die from it)

and the arrival figures to Bali continue to plateau or head

south, you would think it would be gloom and doom all

over the island. Strangely enough we haven’t seen much

change in the overall nightlife scene in the past week or

so. If you check the images on the live photo feed on the

Beatlife page, you will see for yourself people are still

out in droves. Some places even appear to be busier than

ever. So how is this you may ask? Maybe because the people

coming to Bali have always been worldly types with so much

experience of life that they don’t wear the blinkers worn

by other lesser beings, and less travelled. Or maybe they’re

just a bunch of bogans that don’t know any better. Well

maybe yes, maybe no. But one thing seems to be becoming

clearer now. The corona is on the wane. Well, let’s hope so,


There happens to be a lot of events still on the way to the

island too and while we are still in the corona affected

month of February, we can be grateful that things are still

moving along rather nicely – in local entertainment terms,

anyway. ShiShi continues to push the envelope and the

crowds, appearing to get busier every weekend, which

seems to have a knock on effect for that entire street. It

was so busy last weekend. Omnia also continues bringing

us the big shows and next weekend’s Big Weekend is

only the beginning. Read on to find out more. Also check

our IG account (@thebeat.bali) and website events page

( for all the latest details.

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