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ED 511 Januari 2020

Jual Majalah The Beat ED 511 Januari 2020

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Tanggal rilis: 08 January 2020.

Another year begins and off we go around the sun again. 20

20 does have a nice ring about it. Feels like it should be a

year of very clear vision and that would be something well

appreciated after last year’s challenges and murky vistas

within the nightlife and general world situation. It has been

a pleasure, though, seeing a bit of rain falling lately and

hopefully we don’t experience the unfortunate floods that

Jakarta has endured lately any time soon. Fingers crossed.

New Year’s Eve was a belter this year. After a heavy

downpour in the afternoon of the 31st, which no doubt

had most of the venues worried, but the season-hardened

campaigners knowing that the skies would clear in the

evening, and that they did. Bali had one of the biggest and

most well-frequented NYE’s ever with every venue packed

to the gills from Canggu to Uluwatu to Ubud and to Kuta/

Seminyak. While some people were lamenting the lack of

numbers this festive season, NYE was definitely on point.

The next two weeks are not super busy but there are a

few shows on at Mrs Sippy, ShiShi and of course Omnia,

who continue pushing the envelope with top notch guest

DJs. Check inside and online for what is

on and be sure to make it to your local club for a little

boogie while the oppressive crowds are not around. It is a

good time to get among the locals. It gets busy again come

Chinese New Year, this year around January 25.

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