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ED 509 Desember 2019

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Tanggal rilis: 13 December 2019.

Here we are standing at the gates of the festive season

once again looking forward to great times with family and

friends and travel plans from here to there. Everybody

seems to be on the move at this time of year. I was just

away for a couple of weeks of R&R and it was really quite

pleasant to do very little, roam from place to place,

without much of an agenda. One of life’s true pleasures,

really and there should be more of it. If you are just

arriving in Bali for the first time, you have arrived in the

right place and at the right time. Christmas and New Year

are special times on the island and you are lucky to be here

– if you hadn’t noticed.

Inside we continue our story on beach clubs around the

island, and this edition we’re in Canggu. Of course, there

is plenty going on in that area of Bali and nothing less than

their dear beach clubs and bars. Most people are coming to

Bali for that kind of relaxed, beachside scene and we can’t

blame them for a moment. They are particularly awesome

places to be at around sunset time! Cheers, here goes

another cocktail!

All the details (at hand as we go to print) for the coming

festive season are inside. We will be updating the events

daily online ( and mostly on our Instagram

page (@thebeat.bali). Keep an eye on those pages for the

latest events info. Merry Christmas to you all.

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