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ED 505 Oktober 2019

Jual Majalah The Beat ED 505 Oktober 2019

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Tanggal rilis: 16 October 2019.

We have seen a number of season closing parties lately and

just when you thought it might be slowing down on the

island some of the biggest acts are just arriving. No kidding,

when you check the Time Line and events section inside you

might be excused to think we were heading into the high

season more than the shoulder low season we are really

looking at. But first, there is Halloween. Wait a minute,

hold on, it seems like everyone (well, almost everyone)

is giving the scary night the flick this year. Now, this year

being the way it has been, I am not surprised at all! The

strangest things have been happening this 2019 and while

some venues are killing it others are languishing or just

desperately holding on. Anyway, it has always been an up

and down affair on this island and we continue rolling with

it now.

Check inside for all the juice. There are a lot of shows

on and big ones at that. Also make sure you log onto for the very latest events (as we do

update that list daily with everything that matters) and our

Instagram account, @thebeat.bali for all the latest, too.

Check out our live feed shots on the BeatLife page, where

you can post your own pics as well.

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Negara : Indonesia
Penerbit : Kubu Dua Media
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