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ED 503 September 2019

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Tanggal rilis: 18 September 2019.

So what is the state of tourism on the island lately? If you

check the figures, the numbers are just about the same as

last year in regard to foreign tourist arrivals and way down

when it comes to the domestic market. It is taking time to

come back from the eruptions and earthquakes, but it would

seem there is more at play than natural calamity. The central

government continues to push their 10 new Balis agenda

with some minor success, our neighbour Lombok being one

standout. And another factor, the existence of so much more

competition in the F&B and accommodation sectors around

the island in the past two years. What was once confined to

a small area of south Bali, tourism is now spreading all over

the island, particularly the southern part, and if the number

of arrivals are still the same or less, then what does that

mean? We would imagine things getting tight.

Having said all that, Bali continues on an entertainment high

with a bunch of very big shows on the way. This includes Bag

Raiders and Dennis Ferrer at Manarai this weekend, Sneaky

Sounds at Mrs Sippy this and next Saturday (final show),

M.A.N.D.Y. this weekend and Peking Duk next weekend at

Omnia, Diplo at Finns Beach Club and Nakadia back in Bali at

Red Ruby next week.

We have noticed, thankfully, a few more people around town

in the past couple of weeks and we hope for more of that in

the near future. Check inside for the details of the big shows

and online and our IG page @thebeat.bali

for all the latest events and news.

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