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ED 497 Juni 2019

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Tanggal rilis: 27 June 2019.

After a very hectic Lebaran holiday period in Bali, with

unprecedented traffic and local tourist numbers right up, not

flying in airplanes but driving, as was well documented in the

local press, tourist numbers have gone rather flat since. And

that’s not just the old world districts, but all over, including

Canggu. The national school holidays also started last week,

which you would imagine would give the numbers a push,

but to no avail, so the question begs, have we seen tourism

peak on the island of Bali? That is still very early to say, but

we have noticed a lot of local businesses complaining as

they are squeezed against the financial wall with not many

customers walking through the doors. So where does it go

from here? Well, July is fast approaching and that is sure to

get things moving faster. The summer months of the north

and the winter months of the south will definitely have an

impact in the near future. No doubt about that. So enjoy

the beautiful weather at least and while you get the chance,

breathe in the flowers, they are particularly refreshing this

time of year.

Check inside for all the details of what is coming our way in

entertainment over the next two weeks. Once again there is

plenty on. Also make sure you check the beat instagram page

for the latest events and LIVE photo action around town.


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