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ED 491 April 2019

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Tanggal rilis: 04 April 2019.

Last weekend two new night venues had their openings, Lost

City in Canggu and Destino on Jalan Petitenget. They took

a while to get finished but they both managed to get across

the line and we welcome them to the local nightlife fray.

The Bali Spirit Festival was also held over the past week,

culminating on the weekend with three nights of world music

that we managed to attend and once more had wowzer of a

time. The music nights starred the sounds of South American

Porangui and Hart Sawyer, an American performer who

played during quite a large storm with the uuuhs and ahhs

of the crowd as lightning blasted the perimeter. Fortunately

it didn’t blast her. Brazilian woman’s samba drum group,

based in Byron Bay, Meninas da Lua stole the show a couple

of times on Saturday and Sunday nights while the goddess

of world music, Deya Dova and her husband with help from

their dancing daughter and other dancers got her freak on

and brought the house down. The BSF is really one of those

events that makes Bali what it is today – or better said,

reflects what Bali is today. A peaceful, youthful, healthy and

exuberant place of beautiful people. Gee, the BSF this year

was powerful stuff. Congrats to Meg and the team.

What’s on this week? Check inside to find out all that the

island has to offer. The Beat is the one-stop information spot

to find out where you want to be this weekend or any night

or day for the best times available. Have a grand couple of

weeks on the island.

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