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ED 490 Maret 2019

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Tanggal rilis: 21 March 2019.

It has been very slow lately around the place and the rainy season has been holding on like the last gasp of winter snow, but there is a feeling in the air, there is a touch of spring creeping in and there’s a spring in our collective step! April is next and that normally means we start heading into the dry season proper and all that entails – namely the good times will be back, and back before you know it.

There are plenty of major shows coming our way over the next weeks. Since OMNIA started early last year they have shown the way to do it like no-one else before them. Open air venue, all-round stylish concept, the biggest DJs on the planet and in a location so far removed from anywhere you would not believe it possible to get people there. However, the reality has been far from that. It’s been busy just about every day since and downright massive on the big shows. Right from the outset, and right from our first visit, which was documented here in the pages of the beat magazine, OMNIA is out of this world and a whole new experience. They celebrate their first anniversary for the entire month of April.

More new-comers are on the way next weekend, this time in Echo Beach. The long awaited Lost City club will be opening next week and the 800 pax fitting venue is sure to make a mark in Canggu. We are yet to know exactly what we will find inside but come March 29 it will all be revealed. There are plenty of things on, check it all inside the mag and on and @thebeat.bali on Instagram. Happy hunting and happy holidays!

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