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ED 486 Januari 2019

Jual Majalah The Beat ED 486 Januari 2019

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Tanggal rilis: 23 January 2019.

The wet season has really kicked in during this past week and I suppose it is good for the gardens as long as they aren’t overflowing with water. Some streets have been flooded, though and we have received information that the powers-that-be are working on that now to sort it out for the future. We can only hope so.

Now that we are already closing in on the end of January, we have a big Aussie weekend ahead with Australia Day this Saturday and this year, more than any other, we see a plethora of events on the calendar to celebrate all things Ausssie oi, oi, oi. Take your pick of the events inside; there are events for everyone from the ubiquitous Aussie BBQ at many locations, to a huge comedy night and Aussie DJs entertaining the masses. Have a happy Australia Day, my mates.

Not far behind that day is the Chinese New Year welcoming in the Earth Pig year. This year CNY falls on Feb 5 and goes officially for a week and even up to 15 days for some. It will be interesting to see how many Chinese do arrive this year after the mafia zero-dollar tourism shops and operations were closed down late last year. Maybe less, but maybe better healed.

Check inside for all the action over the next two weeks or follow us online at and our social media for the latest events and promotions.

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