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ED 485 Januari 2019

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Tanggal rilis: 21 January 2019.

Nowadays every time I go out of the house (during the day, anyway) I try to remember to bring my large-ish backpack. Swing it over my shoulder and zoom off on the bike into the day. Invariably I have to stop somewhere and pick something up, either at the grocery or building store or some other place along the way. It is getting easier to remember. It is also surprising how many plastic bags you can pick up in a single day, or at least before now. Before the new anti-plastic regulation came in. Now I just throw whatever I buy into my backpack, with as little plastic bags in the mix as possible. It’s almost impossible to eliminate plastic bags totally, but I believe we can all do our part in using less, if not none at all. According to reports, shops will be given sanctions after January 30 for giving out plastic bags. Maybe we, the people, will have to remind them of that when the day comes. Anyway folks, keep your fabric bags close for a better and cleaner future for us all.

That was quite an unprecedented New Year’s Eve in Bali. There were so many events on it was hard to make a decision on where to go, but if it keeps up like that, Bali will definitely be the place to be every New Year. Hats off to everyone involved!

We may be coming into the slower end of things now with January arriving, but the party doesn’t look like letting up at all. With the Russian New Year, Australia Day and Chinese New Year coming soon I advise to keep your hat on, there’s is plenty yet to come. Check inside or online at for all the details.

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