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ED 483 Desember 2018

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Tanggal rilis: 12 December 2018.

I have been spending more time in Berawa, Canggu lately and am taken aback with the amount of people and things going on there. Development is in overdrive, and dare I say it, maybe a little too much. On one of my trips up the main road, I counted around 40 new, empty storefronts ready to come online in the very near future. This is between Finns Beach Club and the Batubulong short cut, which to me seems staggering. There aren’t that many people around to fill them all and what it will do to the local market in the next year is a concern to many. However, there are some very interesting places in the Canggu area; restaurants, bars, spas, accommodations popping up there and further north through to Perenenan. These are exciting times for the area, indeed, but it would be nice and comforting for everyone concerned to see some town planning at this time before it is too late. The joke of the shortcut is beginning to run very thin.

But meanwhile, the Festive Season is upon us already. Christmas is next week and NYE not far behind. Man, it just seems like yesterday we were all caught up in the Christmas 2017 downturn. Pretty slow times for most people on the island back then, but slowly and surely we have scratched our way back and we are ready for a burster of a Festive Season 2018/ New Years 2019. Check inside, and of course online ( for all the details for this special time of year. You can also find all the gigs and shows going on around town over the next two weeks inside too.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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