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ED 474 Agustus 2018

Jual Majalah The Beat ED 474 Agustus 2018

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Tanggal rilis: 10 August 2018.

Yes, there is no doubt we have been standing on shaky ground lately, but hopefully that is over for the time being.

Right in the middle of the Ku De Ta Day Party last Sunday at around 7.45pm I had just sat down to talk to some friends. Next, it felt like my chair was beginning to move sideways, backwards and up, all at the same time. People began to scurry towards the beach side as the tremor mounted. The quake was over in seconds but it definitely left a lasting mark for everyone. Damage in North Lombok particularly was great and the relief program is still ongoing. Please donate to help Agung Saga Yayasan, at

Apart from the natural mayhem that has been going on around us of late, Bali has been as bustling as always. As we sit right in the middle of the high season madness, it’s no surprise that there are parties going on all over town. Coming up this Saturday on the 11th, two big name DJs on opposite sides of the spectrum. If you’re looking for that underground sound, the techno titan Timo Maas will be headlining Jenja. Whereas, if you are keen for a banging night of EDM, the uber famous DJ R3hab is more than ready to rock with you. But of course, one of the most iconic Bali high season parties is approaching. The White Party at Ku De Ta with this year’s headliners; Erick Morillo, Ferreck Dawn joined by Glynn Tandy and resident DJ Loco Hero. Put your finest white suit on and party with some of Bali’s elite party people. Check the chat with Arshad from Ku De Ta inside.

Don’t forget to check The Beat Bali website and our Instagram @thebeatbalilive to stay up-to-date on the latest parties happening around the island!

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