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ED 462 Februari 2018

Jual Majalah The Beat ED 462 Februari 2018

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Tanggal rilis: 21 February 2018.

Let the blue skies continue shining! After one of the worse wet seasons in years we are glad to report the weather is getting a lot drier and with Nyepi (The Day of Silence) not far away I think we can now expect it to get better and better. Nyepi is known to often be the time when the dry season kicks in along with the brand new Balinese year. But I am getting ahead of myself….that’s still a few weeks away.

This week’s events are not particularly plentiful but there are some good ones. Check Andrew Rayal at Mirror, Kim Ann Foxmann at Jenja, Steve Void at Envie Lounge, a whole bunch of quality DJs at Sky Garden and Café Mambo starts a residency at Mulia. As we do get closer to Nyepi, invariably things begin to slow down but this year that may not be the case. US singers Fifth Harmony will be playing live at Sky Garden on Saturday March 10.

If you don’t know their name, you surely know their music as it has been played regularly in just about every R&B club for the last ten years. Also Rampa will be spinning at Woobar the Thursday night before Nyepi. More about that next edition. Meanwhile, enjoy the Bali nightlife and keep up to date with the latest on

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