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ED 460 Januari 2018

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Tanggal rilis: 24 January 2018.

After a very heady start to the New Year, with big named DJs gracing the hotspots in the first couple of weeks it would seem things are starting to slow down as we move into February. The rain hasn’t been helping much either as just about every night has heralded another torrential down pour and mostly each time bigger than the rain the night before. It’s not a conducive scenario for a banging nightlife but rest assured there are still plenty of clubs with a roof over their heads and taxis to get you there.

Speaking of which, we have been hearing tales of how the Kuta Legian banjar authorities have been stopping empty taxis from ambling along Jalan Legian at night recently. Stopping them near The One Legian hotel if not carrying passengers and turning them off to the left to Jalan Mataram or letting them wait at a taxi rank there until passengers require them further down the road. This sounds like a great way forward for the nightlife of Kuta and we hope it stays that way in the future.

We hope the rain calms down a bit during the next two weeks too and wish you all a wonderful trip to Bali. Check inside for what’s going on around town for next two weeks and also online at

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