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ED 454 November 2017

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Tanggal rilis: 02 November 2017.

The rollercoaster ride with Mount Agung at the wheel that Bali has been riding since mid-September is hardly over yet, but at least for now, after having the activity alert lowered last Sunday by one notch, it is definitely heading in the right direction. Now it’s time to build confidence back into the tourism market (#visitbali indeed), but until the tourists do arrive back in great numbers let’s take a collective breathe and a quick smell of the roses before it’s too late. It’s not so often it is this quiet around the island, we should make the most of it – for the moment, anyway. There was a time when it seemed Bali was having a major problem every year where the wheels would totally fall off – Soeharto’s downfall, Timor blow up, Mega’s election loss, the bomb etc etc. Everyone’s freaking out but man be grateful we had it so good for so long. And looks like we’re off the hook this time in any case. (Hopefully) Amen.

So as we are all aware the local economy has taken a bit of a hit in the last weeks but all in all it’s not so bad. There aren’t a lot of events on around town in the next couple of weeks. We’d imagine management is cutting back a little on expenses but we recommend everyone getting out and about, and spending a bit in their local businesses. Now is the time to help out. Check inside for the details of where you can do that in the next two weeks. Get online too

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