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Tanggal rilis: 12 February 2018.

16 – THE Asmat Regency in Papua has seen a recent measles and malnutrition epidemic. Over 600 children in the region have been infected by measles and 144 others are suffering from malnutrition. Seventy-one have died, mostly children under the age of five. The spread of measles and nutritional edema indicate poor health services and facilities in the province of Papua. The death toll has skyrocketed. Meanwhile, Papua is given a significant special autonomy budget, partly for funding the Healthy Papua Card. What caused the measles and nutritional edema epidemic in Asmat? Is there corruption in Papua’s he alth budget?

36 – THE 20-percent increase in the price of glutinous rice over the past few months is seen as a cause for concern. The trade ministry has given state-owned company Sarinah the green light to import 50,000 tons of glutinous rice. The license is viewed as problematic because it was issued without recommendation from the agriculture ministry. Local farmers’ sticky rice production is under threat.

47 – closing down Alexis Hotel, the governor has adopted a policy for reordering Tanah Abang and OK O-trip, integrating various modes of transportation and making them available at low fares. Anies explains why he chose to adopt these policies to Tempo.

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