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thank you for reading Prestige Lifestyle 2014. The highlight of this special annual edition of Indonesia’s top high-society and lifestyle magazine is the Prestige It List, our yearly guide to the nation’s most innovative and inspiring individuals.

Gracing the handsome cover of this issue is Fashion Designer of the Year Tex Saverio. He is the first Indonesian designer to be listed on the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week, and his muses include the likes of Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence. Christian Louboutin is also among “Rio”’s admirers.

“People see that what the Tex Saverio label usually offers on the runway is based on fantasy,” Saverio notes in our exclusive interview. “It is out of this world. Through the ready-to-wear line, we want people to know that there is a ‘real’ version of it.” In every creative process, Saverio always makes sure that he incorporates an Indonesian element.

This year’s It Girl, Raline Shah, is well aware that being a movie star is about more than just glitz and glamour. “It’s bound to be difficult, but I am ready to get out of my comfort zone for every role I take,” she told us during her smoking hot shoot. Having conquered the Southeast Asian market, her next ambition is to succeed in Hollywood.

Our Socialite of the Year, Dina Lestari, looks fabulous as she updates us on the progress of her D’Glam beauty salon business and her charity work. Although Dina’s business is all about making women look gorgeous, she does not take her own glamour too seriously. Dearer to her heart is Yayasan Pansophia’s “Adopt a Child” project, which funds the education of underprivileged children.

Our visit to the stylish home of Yeane Lim, this year’s Fashion Icon, revealed that she has installed every fashionista’s dream: a walk-in closet filled with Hermès bags, Christian Louboutin shoes and Lanvin dresses. It is hard to believe that the lovely entrepreneur and mother of two once considered herself a “nerd”. “During my college days, the only things I wore were T-shirts, jeans and sweaters,” she grins.

There are many more fascinating people to discover in our 2014 It List. Start reading about them all on page 47. To make sure you receive all issues of Prestige in 2014, please turn to our exciting subscription offer on page 104.

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