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Tanggal rilis: 06 November 2017.

28 – As the moon rises, the nocturnal side of Bali comes to life, changing the face of the island into something equally inviting. Night markets especially in the areas of Denpasar are buzzing with activities. Seminyak, of course, is turning on its lights and disco balls to entertain the nightcrawlers seeking to drink and dance the night away, while the greater Ubud areas are putting on their make-up to throw their nightly cultural performances.

60 – The busy town of Tabanan is a melting pot, with migrants from Java establishing a community here. The blending of the cultures is very obvious especially at night time.

90 – One day, if somebody from Indonesia is to write about the Wine History in Indonesia then for sure he/she will have to mention these 4 people who have impacted the wine industry.

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