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Tanggal rilis: 15 May 2018.

28 – Bali is simply magical. The island has been dubbed the ‘Island of the Gods’, but could just as easily be referred to as the ‘Island of a Thousand Temples’. Indeed, Bali is home to more than a thousand temples, worshipping sites that line the island’s coasts and hills. In this issue we feature ten temples with tales that are not told in most, if any, travel books, but have been passed down for generations in the villages and amongst temple guardians and priests.

72 – Bling up and make yourself sparkle with the birthstone of May from Jemme.

96 – This section shows how the Balinese are surrounded by art and culture throughout their lives, as both are omnipresent on the island. The Balinese make art out of the most basic necessities in their daily lives, and here we honour them through stories in:

Bahasa : Indonesian, English
Negara : Indonesia
Penerbit : Phoenix Communications
Jumlah halaman : 116
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