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Tanggal rilis: 03 March 2017.

46 – Dining in Bali is a necessity and an attraction all rolled into one; that’s why both the island’s residents and holiday makers are always on the lookout for places and dishes of the best quality and value. And this is where we come in with this issue; we traversed Bali’s vast culinary landscape to bring a special feature on food that’s informative and entertaining.

32 – Tampaksiring is indeed historical. The major archaeological sites in this area seem to stand outside and beyond the reaches of time. Traces of the old Hindu civilisation can be found in many corners of the area, and the excitement one feels when strolling along their ancient pathways is indescribable.

116 – There’s no doubt that Bali is the most popular island destination in Indonesia, but those venturing east to the neighbouring Lombok will find equally enchanting beaches, surf, and culture. The warmth of the sun, a good book to read and a cold drink in hand, our sailing trip to the island east of Bali was filled with warm breezes and a sunny day.

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