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Tanggal rilis: 05 January 2016.

Dear Hotelier Indonesia,

The Intelligent Hotel runs not just on spotless rooms and exceptional service, but also on confident pricing, accurate forecasting and steadily increasing revenue. The kind of revenue that finances efficient maintenance and timely renovations. The kind of revenue that turns bold ambitions into blueprints. This is what we hope to bring to your property. And what all of our clients have come to expect. See all about IDeaS in the Page 12. On November , there was big event in Shanghai, TEXCARE ASIA 2015 , it was Concluded With Record-Breaking Visitor Attendance , see details on Page 38.

In this edition, we have 2 CEO Interview , one is Amit Saberwal, CEO & Founder, RedDoorz.and also Nikhil Nath CEO Knowcross | The Real Hotel Inspector , see them in Page 56 and 68.

Not to forget , great report from - Bill Barnett, Managing Director, C9 Hotelworks and Matt Gebbie | Director, Pacific Asia Horwath HTL, He said that Indonesia’s Hotel Branded Residences Market Hits IDR31 Trillion And Forecasted To Grow, Plus latest report of Bali, Bintan, and Lombok. There are many more informations inside as well as many Important events in 2016 to consider to attend.

Well then, Hotelier Indonesia Wishing you all , a Happy New Year 2016. Enjoy and more to come.

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