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Tanggal rilis: 12 January 2015.

Dear Hotelier Indonesia Community,

December 2014 Bali, Indonesia -Bali’s hotels are seeing increased demand despite broader concerns about what seems to be an endless stream of new rooms coming online. In a new report released by leading hospitality firms Horwath HTL and C9 Hotelworks figures show the overseas arrivals through August 2014 surged 14%% year-on-year. By the end of 2014 international passenger arrivals though Ngurah Rai Airport are expected to eclipse a record 3.8 million.Speaking on the trend Matt Gebbie of Horwath HTL said: “Bali hotels in many cases are weathering thestorm of new supply, admirably holding rates and taking a small hit on occupancy. Individualism, management and product quality at every price point are more important than ever.” Check their report from page 26.

We tried to add some pages here to makes all news are covered. Hope you all are happy with this. Great news is , Hotelier Indonesia Community Tabloid in Bahasa will soon Launching in 2015. It will cover news, trends, and jobs of course... See you soon in 2015. We wishing you the best for years ahead.

Enjoy, many more to come....

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