September 2015

Jual Majalah HOME REVIEW September 2015

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Tanggal rilis: 15 September 2015.

Designed to be a staging area for visitors, a pavilion created by Khosla Associates in Ahmedabad speaks of a quiet sophistication and subtlety. Created as a gateway for a golf course and villa development the structure is defined by its flat roofs, large overhangs and a disposition that is sans any outwardly flourishes of colour and embellishment.

Once inside, tall glass divisions ensure interior and exterior spaces continue uninterrupted. The chosen earthy palette of wood, stone aggregate and cement remain inconspicuous for the most part, except at night when it comes alive under the glow of warm lighting. Revelling in a state of simplicity for the most part, a design feature that stands out is a curvilinear polished cement wall that originates at the entrance court, snakes its way through the interiors and comes to an elegant stop near a wooden patio.

With this pavilion, the team at Khosla Associates led by principals Sandeep Khosla and Amaresh Anand have set a pre-cursor for things to come, and we can only hope that the remaining development stays true to their discerning style of subtlety and class. What was once a bland, anonymous and boring space with a set of massive columns punctuating its volume has been recast into a transformative art destination. Credit for the reinvention of Gallery Odyssey goes to Amisha Thanawala and her team at Urban Studio. The seemingly unsurmountable task of ‘hiding’ massive columns was ingeniously circumvented by wrapping them in ‘boxes’ of plywood and transforming them into a bank of glowing, rotating and revolving cuboids.

This flexible and kinetic system makes this space suitable for all kinds of installations, large and small allowing it to morph on demand based on the needs of the artist and artwork. With the sheer absence of any unnecessary furniture or clutter, this gallery invites you to move around and be taken in only by the pieces on display.

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