Januari 2016

Jual Majalah HOME REVIEW Januari 2016

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Tanggal rilis: 15 January 2016.

Hugging the boundary of a road facing plot, Sandeep Khosla and Amaresh Anand of Khosla Associates plan a home that turns its back to the chaos of a street. Their ingenious solution creates a bi-polar identity for the residence - the façade that looks on to the road bears a solid and impervious personality, while the one facing the garden inside is transparent and collaborative in its temperament.

The interior of this L-shaped house is in sync with its young owners. It bears a non-fussy and relaxed vibe that doesn’t try too hard. The cleverly conceptualised architecture is juxtaposed with iconic pieces of furniture, lighting and interior detailing that make for a harmonious blend. The team at Khosla Associates has a unique ability of creating contemporary ambiences that are refined in their aesthetic, timeless, distinctive and classy - this one too checks all these boxes.

Kamat & Rozario Architecture has a penchant for the uncharted path. Led by Lester Rozario and Smruti Kamat they give shape to an eclectic eatery in Bangalore that uses recycled elements as its key ingredient. Their explorations include recasting old furniture, using wooden boards that would have otherwise been dispensed as scrap and even customising hanging lamps made from automobile parts. While these disparate elements add to the hip quotient of the eatery, their design scheme pays equal attention to delivering functional solutions aimed at maximising limited space, while creating a holistic approach that enables an inviting dining experience.

The term ‘sustainability’ is often used liberally in the design world. However, the team at Rhizome and Errol Reubens Associates show us the true sense of the word with a shining example in the Rann of Kutch. The eco-resort they were commissioned to renovate delivers on the multiple dimensions of sustainability that include its social, cultural, economic and ecological connotations. With a strong emphasis on bamboo and repurposed wood, the new furniture ensembles highlight how interesting design conceptualised in local materials can provide a distinctive and charismatic decor. The result is earthy and rural, but something that is certainly keeping up with the times.

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