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Jual Majalah HOME REVIEW Desember 2015

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Tanggal rilis: 15 December 2015.

It is not easy to add an extension to a structure melding a design ideology of today’s times with a physical reality of yesteryears. Kayzad Shroff and Maria León of Shroffleón manage just that by adding a 1,500 square metre addition (primarily commissioned to protect a collection of supercars) to a 60-year-old Bandra home. Essentially comprised of twin canopies, the geometry of the new feature draws extensively from the context of the old structure, ensuring that it does not stand out as an afterthought. A highlight of the rebuilding is a clever water management system that channels rainwater collected on the facade and canopies that flows towards a collection plate for alternate use. The design duo introduces clever interventions and juxtaposition of elements with great attention to detail and ensures an outcome that seamlessly unites the new with the old.

Niel Parekh of CANarchitecture constructed 24 rammed earth walls for a weekend getaway in Surat. The clever use of this ancient technology provides a unique design aesthetic and also lends itself to becoming the de facto identity of this home.

Along with the meticulously built mud walls, large spans of clear glass are introduced to compose the skin of the home. Together these materials provide necessary degrees of privacy and engagement with the surrounding landscape. The home has an uncomplicated construct and is very linear in its composition. Evolved as a contextual response to its environs, it is low on maintenance, flooded with natural light, sustainably built, extremely energy efficient and has a design language that is ethical along with being artistic. It looks like Niel Parekh and his team at CANarchitecture have managed to tick all the boxes with this one!

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