April 2016

Jual Majalah HOME REVIEW April 2016

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Tanggal rilis: 19 April 2016.

Rooshad Shroff revels in challenges. A sticker for details, his work is driven by providing case-specific solutions, re-imagining convention and engaging with the ‘hand-crafted’. The two outposts for the stylish La Folie restaurants underscore his emphasis on clever detailing and providing creative resolutions. The results are not mere superficial overlays, but design interventions that overcome site-specific complexities and deliver a user experience that is far more immersive.

Architect Rustom Kapadia recasts a nearly 100 year old apartment where he celebrates its historical vintage yet ensures it stays relevant to modern living needs. The residence is an interesting mélange of heritage patterns, hardwood floors and antique roofs that are made to contrast with clean white walls and contemporary furniture. The design genius of this remodeling is that not only do the individual elements charm you with their unique character, but the details contrast and play-off each other to generate a novel typology that works as a cohesive whole.

Re-thinking the idea of a (generally boring) office cafeteria, architects Sapna Lakhe and Shwetambari Shinde of Sankraman Design Studio infuse one with a social agenda. The young duo work on a plan that encourages fraternizing and relaxation - breaking away from the stereotype of an office cafe being a place where only food is served. Their design scheme creates an environment that is more about community eating and reading, and interestingly it also enables this corporate lunchroom to double up as a place you can bring your work to.

Bahasa : English
Negara : India
Penerbit : Marvel Infomedia Pvt Ltd
Jumlah halaman : 140
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