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Jual Majalah Foodies September 2018

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AN ARTISAN is described as a skilled trade worker, especially those that make things by hand. Chefs and bartenders definitely fit the bill. Bali has now become the home of the food artisan in the past few years. Chefs and bartenders have been honing their craft, churning out amazing food and drinks at impeccably high standards. We feature some of these maestros in the kitchens in this issue.

We open with Salon Bali, the newly opened fine dining outlet at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach. This contemporary Indonesian restaurant, helmed by executive chef Nic Philip, pushes the envelope when it comes to Indonesian cuisine. Flavors are intrinsically Indonesian, flavors are familiar and authentic but everything else looks different. And that’s a good kind of different, something we definitely like. Next we have an article on Chef Marc Lores Panades’ new plant based menu at Quila at Alila Villas Uluwatu. Most of his ingredients sourced directly from their garden on the hotel’s grounds, Marc’s creative juices have been working double time to create beautiful, tasty and fresh plant based dishes. From Uluwatu, we drive inland to Canggu for three of the best dining experiences around. StarterLAB, brainchild of Emerson Manimbo and partner Min, started as a neighborhood bakery and is now one of the island’s most sought after bread and pastry manufacturers.

Everything made by hand, daily. Folie Kitchen and Patisserie owned by chef Stephane Simond adds vibrance and color to the Canggu dining scene. Firmly anchored in French cuisine, but definitely imbued with Bali’s island charm, absolutely a must try. And lastly, a new kid on the block, chef Nathan Sasi breathes life into Fishbone Local, where everything is made by hand and personally sourced by the talented young Aussie.

This is a jam-packed issue full of food and fun. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Happy Eating!

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