September 2016

Jual Majalah Foodies September 2016

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Tanggal rilis: 31 August 2016.

I HAVE A sweet tooth, that’s why I love dessert! You name it, I like it. Chocolate, cakes, pies, plated desserts. That’s why it was a personal treat to make this issue, because I truly surrender to the sweet stuff. No meal is complete without dessert. I will generally remember if a meal was good, if the dessert was good. Don’t go out with a whimper, finish with a bang, if you ask me. Admit it, you like dessert too!

I am so happy that we have lots of amazing dessert options out there to fill this issue. We begin our cover features with chef Grace Dharmawan of Salz/Zucker. Grace is a mastermind of flavor, all her dessert creations have a tiny touch of salt and savory so that the levels of sweetness are perfectly balanced. She shares with us a number of her wonderful creations in this issue. We also have a roll call of the city’s best pastry chefs, Lorenzo Sollecito of the brand new Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, Remi Martinazzo of the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta, Fabrice Cardelec of Hotel Borobudur Jakarta and Masaaki Konno of Garçon Bistro. We also have a rundown of the best cakes in Jakarta and the best desserts in Bali.

Go and try out some of the desserts we featured and let us know what you think. But please, don’t blame us if you get a tooth ache!

Happy eating!

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