September 2014

Jual Majalah CEBU LIVING September 2014

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Tanggal rilis: 01 September 2014.

What is it about Cebu that convinces native-born and adopted residents that, really, a good life is at one’s doorstep? The city and the island continue to grow in phenomenal ways, sometimes at a dizzying pace with restaurants, sleek malls, condos, and subdivisions opening at every turn.

Welcome to the pages of Cebu Living, a magazine that continues the urban narrative as a fascinating look at change, trends, familiar joys, the good life.

Whether it’s a beautiful fashion editorial with glamor labels or a kitchen-tested recipe, a profile of cool entrepreneurs, or a highly recommended restaurant, Cebu Living and its team from the Inquirer Group are here to show you.

We’ll make it easy for you to find it. Cebu Living will be delivered straight to the doorsteps of homes in gated communities across Cebu. The freezine will also be visible in cafés like Starbucks and will soon have distribution points in malls. Subscribers of Cebu Daily News will find it tucked in their copies. The magazine is quarterly but you’ll be seeing two more issues of Cebu Living before the end of the year.

As the magazine team grows, it sets its sights on bringing together the right blend of contributors and creative talents to illuminate the Cebu we live in.

I’m excited to see Cebu Living breathe new life into our appreciation of all that makes for a good life.

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