Oktober 2014

Jual Majalah CEBU LIVING Oktober 2014

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Tanggal rilis: 01 October 2014.

To represent Cebu is already a daunting task. To represent Cebu living is tantamount to insanity. But like any Cebuano faced with awesome, I decided to gather all my positive traits, real or imagined, and cautiously stepped into putting together the pages of this magazine with the mantra: Cebu Living is Cebu loving.

So it is with the merriest of hearts that I deliver to you the second issue of Cebu Living. As you unfold its pages, you’ll see Cebu the way we see it, a city seething with talent with a vibrant way of life that’s unlike any other place. We present to you Sarrita Pimentel’s new twists to family-owned recipes in a journey of self-discovery helped by culinary curiosity.

Our resident gastronome in a “Table for One” will show you different restaurants that breathe life and verve into comfort food. With the holidays right at our doorstep, our personality profile, Selina Selma-Romualdez gives tips on how to survive throwing a party and navigate the holidays without sacrificing your sanity.

Nothing pleases the culinary superstars of the city better than to stay behind-the-scenes, ready to present that perfect plate of food every time you order. This issue shines the limelight on them so that for a brief moment we are in the know.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did putting it together, while discovering Cebu in a whole new light.

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Negara : Philippines
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