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Jual Majalah BALI PLUS Maret 2020

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Tanggal rilis: 04 March 2020.

Welcome to our March issue! March is a great time to visit Bali for the

Nyepi celebrations that mark the start of the Hindu New Year. Unlike the

boisterous end-of-year New Year celebrations, the Balinese Hindu New Year

is commemorated with complete silence for 24 hours - the entire island goes

into total shut down mode and everyone is prohibited from going outside,

making loud noises, travelling and even working. If you’re coming to Bali to

experience this globally unique Balinese ceremony, then be sure to catch

the Ogoh-Ogoh Parade that takes place on the eve of Nyepi. The Bali Spirit

Festival is also taking place this month. More details, turn the page over to

our Don’t Miss section.

Our other favourite thing about Nyepi is the amazing hotel deals that are

available during this time. Visit our Hot Deals pages for 3days/2nights deals

at your favourite hotels and villas that would include relaxing stays in some of

the best rooms in town, breakfast, lunch and dinner, F&B and Spa discounts

as well as free use of the hotel’s amenities. Turn over a few pages and check

out everything fresh and new on the island this month in our What’s New

section. From new villas, new appointments to new initiatives, there is plenty

to catch up on while you’re here. Party people, Take a look at our Party

Agenda pages before checking out all the winners this month in Bali Best

Awards. As usual, our Reviews are personal recommendations, ones that

we’ve tried and tested to ensure that you get only the best out of your time

here in Bali. This month, we’re featuring GWK Cultural Park and its latest

eco-friendly cultural initiative – the # 1 Eco-Friendly Ogoh-Ogoh Festival

2020 which will be held from 20th March to 5th April 2020. Head on to our

Review section to read all about it!

If you’ve had a wonderful time here in Bali, or have tried something exciting

and new that you would like us to know about, contact us! We always love

to hear from you. Reach us on Facebook (Baliplus Magazine) and Instagram

(@baliplus). Tag us or send us messages with your favourite Bali photo and

stories, and we might just share it on our feed. Meanwhile, don’t forget to

subscribe to our newsletter via our website ( where you’ll

find the latest updates, articles and blogs to help you on your visit. Till next

time, Om-Swastiastu and welcome to Bali!

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